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We have got these types of Teaching positions for you…

Leading provider of training & education personnel to energy companies worldwide.

  • ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • ICT
  • Business
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

  • Mathematics
  • Dean and Vice Dean
  • Principal and Vice Principal
  • Curriculum Development Manager

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What do we look for?

Teacher, Lecturer, Tutor, Coach, Mentor whatever you may call yourself, you have come to the right place! JDi Energy are able and willing to help you secure your next position in the Teaching market. Having helped over 100 Teaching professionals into new positions in the last year, we have the client base and international reach to help you into a position that suits your needs.

  • Are you degree qualified? (Bachelors, Masters, PHD)
  • Do you have classroom based, lecturing experience?
  • Do you hold a relevant education certificate?
  • Are you happy to relocate full-time residentially?
  • If non-native English speaking, do you hold an IELTS certificate?
  • Would you consider a single status contract?
  • Do you have a preferred location for work?
  • Do you have transferable visa status?
  • If non-native English speaking, do you hold an IELTS certificate?


Why we partner with us?

Alongside our established reputation of provided Technical Trainers, we have become a valued provider of Academic staff to the national and international Teaching and Education markets.


JDi Energy have contracts with Universities, Colleges and Private Educational Organisations to provide Academic Teachers delivering foundation courses ranging from English language to Business and ICT. These essential life skills enable the development of knowledge allowing students to progress onto technical courses.


As well as sourcing our clients their next Teacher, JDi can also assist with mobilisation, visa services, insurances and in country transportation and accommodation.

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That's what they said

“The staff I have dealt with at JDI energy have always been helpful, courteous and proactive on my behalf.

And, most importantly, they got me a decent, well-paid job!

What more do you want?”

Arthur Iverson   |    Male ESL Instructor